Nicole Kidman gets a SexChange

Let the Right One In director tackles gender alteration surgery with Nicole Kidman in ‘The Danish Girl’

Tomas Alfredson has signed up to direct Nicole Kidman in sex-change drama ‘The Danish Girl’.

The director of acclaimed Swedish vampire movie ‘Let The Right One In’ will helm the film, which recounts the tale of Einar Wegener (played by Kidman). Wegener was the first man to undergo gender alteration surgery in 1931.

“We have been in talks for close to a year, and we are soon going into production,” Alfredson told reporters.

Charlize Theron had reportedly been attached to play Wegener’s wife Greta, who inadvertently began the transformation by asking her husband to pose as a female opera singer for a portrait, but the the actress recently dropped out of the role.