New M Night Shyamalan Trailer

Two teasers released for ‘The Happening’

M. Night Shyamalan denies being a horror film maker, in fact he insists his one true horror film so far has been ‘The Sixth Sense’. In a recent presentation shown to by Twentieth Century Fox, Shyamalan admits that ‘The Happening’ is just his second proper horror film (he believes ‘The Village’ was a romance film) and his intention is scare audiences as much as he can.

Two teasers were released this week, You can view the first (and best) one at the bottom of this article. This trailer introduces us to the errie background events from the movie, it opens with 100’s of people around the world dropping dead simultaneously. The trailer shows people falling from roof tops and mass panic as random people just suddenly kill themselves.
We couldn’t help think of the music video of ‘Just’ by Radiohead when we first saw this trailer. It’s certainly effective and was enough to get us excited about this film.

The second trailer (click here to view) is a more traditional affair, it’s less creepy and concentrates more on the character part of the story, focusing mainly on a teacher played by Mark Wahlberg as he tries to discover what is causing the sudden death of honey bees and then humans.

The Happening will be released in Irish cinemas in June 2008.