Murphy Redmayne join Male Heart

Mark Lewis, assistant cameraman at a London film studio, aspiring movie director, part-time taker of pornographic pictures, and amateur documentary film-maker, has begun murdering women. He kills them, literally, with his camera and films the attacks and the murders. He also surrepititiously films what he can of the police investigation. At night he carefully screens and edits the footage. This is his great documentary, his life’s work. Mark leads the police closer and closer so that he can film the denouement, his own imminent capture and suicide.

Irish actor Cillian Murphy and Eddie Redmayne have boarded Peter Mackie Burns’ ‘White Male Heart.’

Burns, who won a Berlin Golden Bear for short film in 2005 with ‘Milk,’ will direct Olivier Award-winning Scottish playwright David Harrower’s psychological thriller.

David Smith and Helena Danielsson are producing with Julie Baines serving as executive producing.

EXTRAs: Irish actor Cillian Murphy had been pegged to play the lead in the independent movie, “Once.” This did not materialize when he was hired for another project. Instead, the role went to Oscar winner Glen Hansard, the person who created the songs for the film.