MINECRAFT Headed To The Big Screen

Hollywood to adapt block-building videogame…

The suits over at Warner Bros. have snapped up the rights to the uber popular open world videogame ‘Minecraft’ with plans for a live-action feature, according to Deadline.

Created by Swedish independent video game developer Mojang, ‘Minecraft’ is a first-person, free-to-build sandbox game in which the player can engage in a virtual world, creating and modifying a dynamically generated map made of one-cubic-meter-sized blocks. The game is available on virtually every platform.

Roy Lee, who recently produced ‘The Lego Movie,’ will oversee development on the project. Jill Messick (‘Mean Moms,’ ‘Mean Girls’) will co-produce. The studio will now turn its attention to finding a writer to tackle the screenplay.

Earlier this month, LA-based filmmaker and Rocket Jump co-creator Brandon Laatsch launched a Kickstarter seeking $600,000 to make ‘Birth of Man,’ a full-length live-action/CG hybrid feature that would be set in the block building world of ‘Minecraft.’ The proposed film was cancelled a day later after Mojang stepped in.