Mickey Rourke is Genghis Khan

Mickey Rourke to play Mongol emperor Genghis Khan

Mickey Rourke is to play Genghis Khan in an upcoming movie.

Rourke said that he will portray the Mongol emperor in a film written and directed by John Milius.

Speaking to reporters, the Iron Man 2 star said, “The man (Milius) is known for his tough writing. He wrote Conan and Dirty Harry and Apocalypse Now, and it’ll be interesting to see how he works behind the camera. I’m playing Genghis,” the actor explained.

Rourke went on to explain that the film  is told from Khan’s grandson’s point of view.

“You see him (Khan) in flashbacks, back when he was in his mid-40s. And back then, being in your mid-40s was being really old,” he continued.

Filming for the project is expected to take place in India and China