McDowell, Oldman, Monaghan and Whalley Join MONSTER BUTLER

True life drama casts its key players

THR reports that Malcolm McDowell, Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan (‘Lost’) and Joanne Whalley (‘The Borgias’) are set to star in the indie drama ‘Monster Butler.’

McDowell is leading the film, the true story of bisexual serial-killing con-man Roy Fontaine (aka Archibald Hall), who cut a bloody swath through England and Scotland, hiring himself out as a butler, robbing his employers and in some cases murdering them.

According to the trade, Oldman will take the role of Wiggy, “a taxidermist with anger issues” who partners with Fontaine on a number of crimes before things get too extreme. Monaghan will play David Wright, a key player in Fontaine’s life and who also serves as his Achilles’ heel.

Filming is slated to kick off next week in Scotland, with Douglas Rath making his feature directorial debut. The helmer previously tackled Fontaine’s story with a short back in 2010, also starring McDowell in the lead.