MAD MAX double bill at Grindhousee Dublin this Friday!

Grindhouse Dublin, in association with Light House Cinema, are proud to present a thrilling double bill of the Ozploitation classics MAD MAX and MAD MAX 2!

Thundering down the road onto the Light House Cinema screen is the first in the MAD MAX series, which sees Max Rockatansky, a vengeful Main Force Patrol officer, in frenzied pursuit of a sadistic motorcycle gang bent on death and destruction. Both strange and stunning in equal measure, this intense and exciting action thriller will leave you breathless for more…

And that’s exactly what Grindhouse Dublin gives you, with the post-apocalyptic sequel, MAD MAX 2! Max, now a scavenger of the wastelands, must defend a community of settlers from a merciless army of marauders lead by the deadly Humungus. Considered by many film critics to not only be a superior follow-up, this highly influential and heart racing sequel is also seen as one of the greatest action films of all time! You’d be mad to miss this incredible action packed double bill!

Both MAD MAX and MAD MAX 2 will be exploding onto the Light House Cinema screen in new digitally remastered prints!

Note: the original Mad Max will be screened with its original Australian audio track.

The MAD MAX Double Bill commences at 10:30pm, Friday, April 25th. Tickets are available here

There will be drinks and merriment in the Light House Cinema Bar from 9pm onwards!