Lord of the Rings spoofed in UK piracy ad

UK film industry’s new ads aimed at protecting their “precious”… The films!

The UK based Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness has launched a website and series of ads designed to discourage copyright theft.  The first ad is a spoof of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Click play below to watch the ad.


The message put forward by the Trust is that “the public makes the movies” by buying cinema tickets, authorised DVDs and using legal download sites. The Trust protects the UK film industry, and allows the production of more new films and TV.

The Trust also says that every cinema ticket bought supports the UK film industry and this is “great news for the runners, the stunt guys, the set dressers, make-up artists, in-between-shoots cups of tea people… the guy who sells the popcorn, the girl who stocks the DVDs at your local rental shop – and everyone else, behind the scenes of UK film and television”.

The website, www.youmakethemovies.co.uk, contains ads spoofing popular films such as The Lord of the Rings and Jaws and gives users the option of making their own spoof ad.