Lord of the Rings fan makes 25000 Prequel

Actress Kate Madison makes ultimate Lord of the Rings fan video

Lord Of The Rings fan Kate Madison has spent £25,000 making Born Of Hope, the unofficial prequel movie to the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy series.


According to reports the 31-year old actress has invested her life savings to direct and star in the project.

Born Of Hope follows Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, a central character in Peter Jackson’s acclaimed Lord Of The Rings trilogy:

“I used a couple of paragraphs in the appendices [of the original book] and we followed a timeline Tolkien had written… so we had certain facts to follow, but the rest we had to make up,” said Madison.


She added: “I ended up coming up with the idea for a prequel, which basically slots on to the front of the Lord Of The Rings films, with the aim of trying to fit in with the universe that Peter Jackson created, without looking out of place with the fact that we didn’t have a budget.”


Madison, who stands to make no money from the film, admitted that she “can’t believe we actually managed to complete” the movie.

The 71-minute feature has already become a huge success on YouTube, registering more than 250,000 views.