Live-Action GAIKING Feature in Development

More giant fighting robots on the way.

It has been announced that producer/screenwriter Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment (‘The Walking Dead’) and Toei Animation have teamed with All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW) to develop a live-action feature based on Toei’s iconic anime property ‘Gaiking.’

‘Gaiking’ follows a young man who is recruited to serve as the lead pilot for the Super Robot Gaiking. When Earth is threatened by an alien race intent on taking over the planet, he emerges as the only one who can pilot the massive robot. Together with his fellow co-pilots he must fight off the alien force in order to save mankind.

“I’m extremely excited to be working on ‘Gaiking,’ said Hurd, “which marks a huge step forward in adapting one of the best Japanese IP for a global audience.”

ANEW’s CEO Sandy Climan said, “ANEW’s mission is to bring the highest quality Japanese stories to a global audience in partnership with world-class producers. I am thrilled that ANEW is joining with Toei Animation and Valhalla Entertainment in developing this landmark property into a major motion picture.”