Lionsgate Aquires ACTION NO. 1

Nicolas Cage comic-book heist set for feature.

THR reports that Lionsgate has acquired ‘Reno 911!’ creators Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon’s heist comedy script ‘Action No. 1.’

The film is based on the real life theft of actor Nicolas Cage’s copy of ‘Action Comics’ #1’ back in 2000. The 1938 comic, which featured the first appearance of Superman, was missing until 2011, when it was discovered in an abandoned storage locker. It was later sold at auction for a record $2.1 million.

Garant and Lennon’s screenplay offers a fictionalized account of the book’s theft, with the story revolving around a group of nerds who band together to steal the landmark comic.

While the part of Cage was written with the real Cage in mind, it is unlikely he will play himself.

Interestingly, Jason Statham’s name has been linked to the project, but THR’s sources are saying the actor is not involved.