Lady Vengeance To Be Remade

A lonely man’s life is changed when a big white dog enters his world. Juan Villegas loses his job at a petrol station and ends up taking on odd jobs. One customer pays him not with cash but with Bombon: a large, white, ferocious-looking dog that is meek and accommodating. Villegas learns that the animal has the pedigree to win international shows, as well as becomes a breeding attraction, but Bombon would rather share his bitches’ berth than satisfy their lust.

Another Asian film remake ahead, this time it’s the Korean film ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’.


Actress Charlize Theron is one person behind the project, confirming she will star and produce the remake of the film. The movie is the conclusive part of director Chan-Wook Park thematic revenge trilogy which also included ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’ and ‘Old Boy’.

Lady Vengeance, as it was titled for its US release, follows a woman convicted of the kidnapping and murder of a young child. After serving several years in prison as a model inmate she is released and immediately puts in motion her long-gestating plan for revenge against the man she holds responsible.


TIDBIT: Theron auditioned for the female lead in ‘Showgirls’. The Razzie Winning Role eventually went to Elizabeth Berkley – lets be greatful she missed out!