Kristen Stewart for Snow White

Movie’s producer reveals casting via Twitter.

Producer Palak Patel has revealed, via Twitter, that Kristen Stewart (‘Twilight’) is close to signing a deal for the lead role in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’

“KStew is officially playing Snow White and her deal is in final negotiations and will close next week,”

“official confirmation coming next week. But we are in final negotiations.” Both tweets were removed from Patel’s Twitter page, but not before fans captured screen grabs of the revealing items.

The movie will be directed by Rupert Sanders and if Stewart’s deal goes through, she will be joining the previously announced Charlize Theron, who will be playing the evil queen, and Viggo Mortensen, playing the Huntsman. The movie will begin shooting in August with release date of Decemeber 2012.

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is not the only Snow White movie on the boil at the moment, there are two others, Tarsem Singh’s ‘The Brothers Grimm: Snow White’ in which Julia Roberts is cast as the Evil Queen, also due for release in 2012. And the other one is Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven,’ which updates the classic fairy tale and sets it in a British colony in China during the late 19th century. It follows a young woman who returns to her Hong Kong home for her father’s funeral, only to discover that her stepmother is plotting against her. She escapes to mainland China, finding solace among a rogue band of seven warriors who protect her and teach her to defend herself using martial arts.