Kim Jee-woon to Direct COWARD

Korean filmmaker takes reins of criminal thriller…

‘The Last Stand’ and ‘I Saw the Devil’ director Kim Jee-woon has signed on to replace David Slade (’30 Days of Night,’ ‘Hard Candy’) in the director’s seat for Electric City Entertainment and Sierra/Affinity’s feature adaptation of Ed Brubaker’s graphic novel ‘Coward.’

The first book in Brubaker’s Eisner Award-winning graphic novel series, ‘Coward’ takes place in a universe of hustlers, crooked cops, pickpockets and other lowlifes. The story centres on Leo, a professionalthief and heist planner who can be relied on to have a bulletproof exit plan.

Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell of Electric City Entertainment are producing with Sierra/Affinity financing.

“Kim Jee-Woon is exactly the type of filmmaker with which we are looking to collaborate,” said Patricof. “His previous work consists of elevated genre films, set in interesting worlds, with three-dimensional characters, which makes him a very strong and exciting partner for ‘Coward.’”