Killing Bono finds distributor

Irish movie about a band following in U2’s footsteps is snapped up by Paramount.

Paramount Pictures today purchased the rights to distribute new Irish comedy ‘Killing Bono’, a movie about two hapless brothers Neil and Ivan McCormick who set up a band in Dublin in the late 70’s. Sadly for them, so did their classmates and rivals, who go on to become U2. Eternal optimism continually wins out over cold harsh reality in a celebration of the glory of failure.

The film, based on the autobiography by Neil McCormick stars Robert Sheehan and Ben Barnes (who recently played Prince Caspian and Dorian Gray). It was directed by Nick Hamm in Northern Ireland, with additional photography in Dublin and London.

Commenting on the acquisition, Paramount president Andrew Cripps said “Killing Bono is a well written, funny and highly entertaining film that we think will be very commercial in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Paramount is very pleased and proud to be part of this exciting project”.