Kellan Lutz to Star in TATUA

Lutz inks deals to play tattooed assassin.

‘The Twilight Saga’ actor Kellan Lutz has closed a deal to star in ‘Tatua,’ an indie genre film based on an original concept by comic book creators Paul Jenkins (‘Wolverine Origin,’ ‘Frontlines’) and Rob Prior (‘Spawn The Impaler,’ ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Show’).

Scripted by Paul Layden, the plot follows a man with a rare blood type that allows him to be tattooed with a powerful ink. When tattooed with weapons, he is able to pull those weapons straight off his skin, giving him an enviable leg up as a covert assassin. But the catch is that these weapons take a physical toll on the inked-up killer and have to be used quickly or they begin to dissolve. All of this becomes an afterthought though when his son is kidnapped by a notoriously violent target.

Visual effects artist Aaron Sims (‘Archetype’) will step behind the camera for what will be his feature directing debut. Rick Schwartz of Overnight Productions is producing with Todd Breau and Kari Hollend. The producers are looking to begin shooting the $15 million project in March in Toronto.

You can check out Sims’ short film ‘Archetype’ below. A feature adaptation of the sci-fi short is in development with ‘Chronicle’ producer Jon Davis.