Kate Beckinsale in Talks for Anderson

Psychological thriller eyes Beckinsale.

Writer/director Brad Anderson (‘The Call,’ ‘The Machinist,’ ‘Session 9’) is said to be in negotiations with ‘Underworld’ star Kate Beckinsale to take the lead in the Edgar Allen Poe-inspired thriller ‘Eliza Graves.’

“A psychological thriller about a young doctor who comes to apprentice at a mental institution and meets a beautiful patient (Beckinsale) that he falls in love with amidst a set of circumstances, which may be more complicated than they seem.”

The screenplay comes from screenwriter and novelist Joseph Gangemi and is loosely based on the 1945 Poe tale ‘The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.’

Anderson is expected to head into produce in June 21 in Bulgaria with Mel Gibson and Icon Productions partner Bruce Davey co-producing with Mark Amin and Cami Winikoff of Sobini Pictures and Oren Peli.