Judge Dredd Danny Boyle Style

Slumdog director involved in remake of Judge Dredd?

Comic book artist Mark ‘Jock’ Simpson today revealed more than he should have on an undate on his twitter account. In just 160 characters the Green Arrow artist confirmed Danny Boyle‘s involvement with a new version of a Judge Dredd movie. Previously it was reported that Boyle’s DNA films snapped up the cinematic rights to Judge Dredd.

Now Mark Simpson reveals that he is creating visuals for a script written by Alex Garland. Garland is famously attached to almost all of Boyle’s recent movies, writing ‘The Beach’, ‘Sunshine’ and ’28 Days Later’. It is unlikely that Boyle will direct a Dredd movie, but even as producer, the franchise is in safe hands. Simpson later goes on to say that it has nothing to do with the Stallone version from the 90’s… phew!

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