Jon Voight Circling Ronald Reagan Biopic

Oscar-winning actor in talks for indie biopic.

THR is hearing word that Jon Voight (‘Mission Impossible,’ ‘Coming Home,’ ‘Deliverance’) is in negotiations for a pivotal role in ‘Reagan,’ a $35 million independent biopic about America’s 40th, Ronald Reagan.

Based on ‘The Crusader’ and ‘God & Ronald Reagan,’ two books by Paul Kengor, the story unfolds as a young Russian leader visits a retired agent named Viktor so that he may learn of the demise of the Soviet Union. According to a source close to the project Voight is in talks for the role of Viktor, a character based on a number of KGB agents and Soviet analysts who were tasked with keeping tabs on Reagan for many years.

Jonas McCord (‘The Young Riders,’ ‘The Body’) and Howie Klausner (‘Space Cowboys’) are penning the script with Ralph Winter (‘X-Men,’ ‘Planet of the Apes’) and Mark Joseph (‘Doonby,’ ‘Amazing Grace’) producing.