Jokers Death Scene Intact

A female reporter accompanies firefighters on a routine call and ends up trapped with them in an apartment building infected with a ferocious virus. Sealed in and desperate, they trace the contagion to the attic, discovering abandoned research on demonic possession. Now, a medical officer and a SWAT team outfitted with video cameras are sent into the sealed-off apartment to control the situation.

A rumour suggesting that a ‘The Dark Knight’ scene in which Heath Ledger’s Joker pretends to be dead was to be cut, has today been refuted.

The cut was suggested  based on audiences who saw the film at a test screening. It was reported that audiences were disturbed by footage that shows Ledger’s character pretend to be dead and getting photographed in a body bag.

Now, however a source close to the ‘The Dark Knight’ has refuted the claim saying that the
film remains intact – and nothing of Ledger’s will be cut from the
movie, including the body-bag scene. ‘’I know for a fact that that
scene is in the film. I also know that WB has made no such mandate and
that Chris [Nolan] is honest when saying that he will not change what
was intended with The Joker.”

‘The Dark Knight’ will be released in Ireland on July 25.

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