Johnny Knoxville To Join THE THREE STOOGES

Johnny Knoxville to reunite with the Farrelly brothers for ‘The Three Stooges.’

While negotiations have not yet formally begun, Variety reports that sources close to the ‘The Three Stooges’ movie say that both 20th Century Fox and the Farrelly brothers are looking to cast Johnny Knoxville as Moe Howard in their big screen adaptation of the Stooges.

Knoxville has always seemed like a strong candidate for the role, considering that he and his ‘Jackass’ pranksters are the modern-day equivalent of the Stooges.

Endless cycles of castings have been linked to the movie, including names like Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Paul Giamatti, and Benicio del Toro. Now, with the casting of Knoxville, it seems that they looking to cast actors known much more for their comedic chops than their dramatic roles, it may also suggest that the studio may be attempting to appeal to younger audiences who are mostly unfamiliar with ‘The Three Stooges.’

Andy Samberg (‘Hot Rod’) and Australian comic Shane Jacobson (‘Kenny’) are the latest names to make the shortlist for the roles of Larry and Curly.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly will direct from a script they co-wrote with Mike Cerrone. At the moment, the plan for the movie is to divide it into three, 27-minute segments driven by physical comedy.