Jodie Foster Going SciFi For Next Directing Gig

Foster moving away from dramas to direct a sci-fi thriller.

Jodie Foster, who last week premiered her new movie, ‘The Beaver’ at South By Southwest, has revealed she is currently in the process of writing a sci-fi thriller with the hopes to direct.

A sci-fi would be a change in direction for Foster as a filmmaker, as she normally sticks to smaller family-based dramas. In an interview with The LA Times, Foster said:

“There’s a family element to it, but it’s much more a genre movie. I’d like to do that ’cause that’s a world I live in as an actor but I’ve never really gone to as a director. I’d still have to have all the other stuff in a film. It can’t just be, ‘There’s a bad guy, there’s a monster.’ It has to have all the other stuff too.”

“It’s not anywhere close to being ready,” she said. “I don’t write. I rewrite, but I don’t write, so that always puts me at the mercy of some enormous talent that comes out of the woodwork that somehow has the same obsessions as me.”

As an actress, Foster has visited the genre before, with Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Contact’ in 1997. She visits the sci-fi world again with Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium,’ the director’s follow-up to ‘District 9.’

It will be a while before Foster’s sci-fi project comes to screens, she has to finish Roman Polanski’s ‘Carnage’ with Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz  John C. Reilly, then she moves on to ‘Elysium’ with Matt Damon.