JLS Confirm Movie Release Date

X-Factor losers prepare to hit the cinema box office…

We laughed when The Jonas Brothers brought out a movie, it was slightly less funny when Justin Bieber released a movie but now the joke is wearing a little thin. Boy band of the moment JLS have announced plans to release a 3D movie titled ‘Eyes Wide Open’ in cinemas this summer. 

Speaking about the 3D movie, band member Marvin said “How often does a boyband get to make a movie based around their tour for national cinema release? Words can’t really describe it. The whole process was illuminating, exhilarating, exhausting and exciting. It won’t be the only movie we ever make. Making a movie has always been on our wish list. We can’t wait for everyone to see it.”  

The Justin Bieber movie actually earned some half decent reviews, our own hard to please critic Paul Byrne gave it a generous 3 stars. Check out his Justin Bieber review here. If done properly, perhaps JLS can come up with a half decent film that will please their fans and some of the critics, but we doubt it. 

The JLS 3D movie ‘Eyes Wide Open’ hits Irish cinemas on June 3rd 2011 – You have been warned!