Jeff Smiths RASL Optioned

Producer Lionel Wigram options Jeff Smith’s ‘RASL’ for big screen adaptation.

While we await an update on the planned adaptation of Jeff Smith’s epic adventure ‘Bone,’ which has been in development for years over at Warner Bros, another one of Smith’s stories has jumped into the adaptation spotlight.

‘Sherlock Holmes’ producer Lionel Wigram has acquired the rights to make a movie out of ‘RASL,’ Smith’s science-fiction series that follows a former military scientist who’s becomes an art thief with the ability to jump into parallel worlds where he steals treasured pieces of art..

Wigram is no stranger to comics, having penned a storyboard-style comic that served as source material for 2009’s ‘Sherlock Holmes.’

Apart from ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ Wigram is known for his work on the first three ‘Harry Potter’ films, ‘The Guardians of Ga’Hoole’ and he serves as producer on the upcoming ‘Sherlock Holmes’ sequel, ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.’ 

Jeff Smith is best known for the comic series ‘Bone,’ which chronicles the adventures of the Bone cousins–plucky Fone Bone, scheming Phony Bone, and easygoing Smiley Bone– who leave their home of Boneville and are swept up in a Tolkienesque epic of royalty, dragons, and unspeakable evil forces out to conquer humankind.