Jamie Foxx To Lead Tarantinos DJANGO UNCHAINED

Foxx nabs coveted lead.

Yesterday evening a tweet by Creative Screenwriting’s Jeff Goldsmith revealed that Jamie Foxx was the frontrunner to take the lead in Quentin Tarantino’s revenge western ‘Django Unchained.’ Goldsmith, who was the first to reveal that Leonardo DiCaprio was set to play the movie’s villain, tweeted:

“Will Smith is out! Inside sources tell me that Tarantino has chosen Oscar winner @iamjamiefoxx to play Django!”

It appears that Goldsmith was once again on the money, as Variety is now reporting that Foxx is set to take the role of freed slave Django, who seeks to reunite with his slave wife, a journey that sees him team up with German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) to take down sadistic slavemaster and plantation owner Monsieur Calvin Candie (DiCaprio). Samuel L. Jackson will play Candie’s right-hand man and head house-slave Stephen.

Variety also says that Foxx’s ‘Ray’ co-star Kerry Washington one of a few actresses in the running to play Django’s wife Broomhilda. The actress has reportedly met with Tarantino to discuss the role.