Iron Man 2 Full Trailer Released

Get a glimpse at War Machine, Whiplash and Iron Man in this new trailer for Jon Favreau’s sequel

It feels like only yesterday when held the first ever Irish screening of “Iron Man”, ever since that first screening we’ve been actively following the sequel.

The new trailer for “Iron Man 2” premiered online last night, the footage debut was the result of an online viral marketing campaign. The trailer was unlocked by Mirko P. from Houston, causing the footage to go live on Fans have already caught glimpses of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and his heavily armed sidekick War Machine (Don Cheadle) thanks to the film’s previously released poster, the new trailer gives the best taste of what we can expect when “Iron Man 2” hits theaters next year. Has there ever been a villain with as much potential as Whiplash?

To view the trailer below just press play

Iron Man 2 opens in Ireland in May 2010 – Stay Tuned to for more Iron Man 2 news and features