Irish Film Attracts Hit Director

Niamh Parker’s RA Child attracts US attention

Exciting progress has been made with east Cork native, Niamh Parker’s feature film, ‘RA Child’. Her inspiring script has attracted New York director, Phil Allocco, who visisted Ireland this week. Phil was one of the few short-listed directors picked by Steven Spielberg after a world-wide search of over 12,000 directors for his new TV series ‘On The Lot’. Phil’s film, ‘Joseph Henry’ is continuing to win awards around the world and he was the driving force behind the huge US band, Law and Order.
“When I met Phil in New York, I knew instantly that he was the right man for the job,” says Niamh. “He was talking about the characters in ‘RA Child’ as if they knew them personally. He was drawn to the honesty of the story. Phil is bursting with energy. The fact that he has a background in must also excited me as ‘RA Child’ is a music-driven project.”

‘RA Child’ promises to lift the lid on Ireland’s drug culture and also deals with Bipolar Disorder in a manner never before captured on film. Award-winning producer Sasha King, has joined the Cailin Rince Pictures team to produce the film and work on the documentary being made about the making of the film. Meteor award-winning band, Aslan and singer/songwriter, Damien Dempsey,are among the leading artists who have already contributed to the project.


‘RA Child’ will be filmed primarily in Cork, feeding income back into the region. Finance is being raised through local private investors with the backing of the 481 tax incentive scheme.



Casting for actors begins in April.