Irish documentary HILL STREET released in cinemas this month

HILL STREET to be released in cinemas on May 23rd and On Demand on June 2nd

Irish documentary HILL STREET takes a look at the rise, fall and rise again of the Irish skateboarding scene, with particular attention paid to Clive’s Cycle Shop on the titular Hill Street, and how the proprietor helped skateboarding as a sport, a subculture and a social scene take off in Dublin.

Directed by JJ Rolfe, the film is a celebration of the tenacious underdogs who stayed passionate about skateboarding, even after they were chased away from public buildings, were denied public skateparks and were always told that their passion was a fad.

HILL STREET is released in Irish cinemas on May 23rd and will also be available to buy worldwide on DVD/VOD through and via iTunes from June 2nd.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for HILL STREET below…