Interview Jude Law at the IFI Irish Film Institute

Sorry, I can’t talk right now, I’m on the phone to Jude Law

Want to interview Jude Law, Eddie Izzard, Sally Potter or Lily Cole? Well here’s your chance… sadly, Jude won’t be in the same room, so this is the next best thing…

This month will see audience members participate in an interactive Q&A with the cast and director of Rage, all of whom will be based in London. Using SMS and Skype, audience members will be able to put questions to the cast who will be participating in this unique Q&A beamed direct from London to all participating cinemas.

Described as ‘radical’ and ‘defying the usual conventions of film’, Sally Potter’s latest film, Rage, takes place during a New York fashion show where an accident on the catwalk has evolved into a murder investigation. Fourteen actors play characters who each have a role in the show, from the designer (Simon Abkarian) and his models (Lily Cole and Jude Law), the fashion critic (Judi Dench) and photographer (Steve Buscemi) to the financier (Eddie Izzard) and his bodyguard (John Leguizamo).

The film is structured as a series of mobile phone camera interviews, as seen through the eyes of Michaelangelo, the film’s protagonist, who speaks with each character as the murder investigation slowly unfolds behind the scenes.

 An excellent chance to see the new work of one of the most provocative of contemporary British filmmakers, Sally Potter, as well as getting an interactive insight with her and her cast of top-tier actors.

Tickets are available from the IFI Box Office in person, online at and on 01 679 3477.