Inglorious Basterds Posters Revealed

First look at the the teaser artwork for Quentin Tarantino’s new movie

Tarantino posters have never failed to excite us, HQ still has a Pulp Fiction poster covering up the many cracks on its wall. So it is with great excitement that we bring you the first Irish look at the artwork for his new movie Inglorious Basterds thanks to the folk at Universal. 

Those of you expecting to see Brad Pitt’s chiselled jaw on the poster might be slightly disappointed. All of the stars have been kept from the artwork, instead we have three stylised anti-Nazi shots, giving a small flavour of what to expect when the movie hits cinemas in August.

There is no question that these will become as iconic as previous Tarantino classics like Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill. We’ll have a lot more news and features as the movie release gets closer. Stay Tuned. 









Inglorious Basterds opens in Irish Cinemas on August 21st 2009