Inbetweeners film in the works

Simon Bird hints at Inbetweeners’ movie

Simon Bird has suggested that an Inbetweeners movie may be in the works.

According to Digital Spy, the actor remained coy when asked if a film could be spawned from the television series, but confirmed that it is something the cast would love to do:

“I don’t know – we’re not allowed to say. It’s not up to us. I mean, that’s obviously a yes!” he said.

Actor Blake Harrison, who plays Neil Sutherland, added: “There are loads of rumours going around about different things, but whether anything actually happens is a whole other story. We have loads of fun doing a series, so I think a film would be just as much fun.”

Asked about possible storylines for the movie, Bird concluded: “I don’t think we can give anything away. But there has been talk about [a film]!

“I’d like to see Will finally pop his cherry! Just more of the same, I think. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”