Ice Age 3 Teaser

A week in the life of Woody; a Soho pimp, as seen through the eyes of concealed documentary cameras: A week which spirals brutally out of control.

For the last week or so, a bootleg copy of the teaser for upcoming Ice Age sequel has been circulating the web but the official (i.e. non wonky) version has finally been released.

Like all of the franchise’ previous teasers, it features Scrat once again trying desperately to get his hands on that agonizingly elusive acorn.

In the latest Ice Age instalment, it looks like dinosaurs have entered the mix! Check out the teaser below.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs hits theatres July 1st, 2009.

TIDBIT: By the time mammoth were lolloping across the icy plains, the dinosaurs were well past dawn, but we’ll forgive the team behind Ice Age, if only to see Scrat again!