Hulk Director for Superman Revamp

Hulk Director Louis Leterrier For Superman?

Director Louis Leterrier has hinted in an online Q&A session with fans that he may have been approached by to take over the reigns for ‘Superman: The Man of Steel’.

In the Q&A Leterrier was asked to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to several films about whether or not he would be interested in directing them. One obvious film that he was asked about was Hulk 2, which he said of course to. But when asked about ‘Superman: The Man of Steel’, his response was interesting.

“Funny that you mentioned Superman… because, hum, maybe they asked me….” Leterrier said.

Does this mean Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh are out. Would Singer be willing to step into a producing role. Is he right for the job. What do you think?