Hemingway Helms Red Tails

George Lucas’ long-awaited WWII movie gets the green light!

‘The Wire’ diretor Anthony Hemingway will helm the long-gestating George Lucus World War II film ‘Red Tails’.

Based on a true story, ‘Red Tails’ was the name of the first group of black airmen to serve as pilot escorts for American bombers in the war. Although their ability to fly had been questioned on racist grounds, the Red Tails’ record in the sky was so impressive that they became heavily in-demand to lead bombing runs over Italy and Germany in the last year of the conflict.

John Ridley has written the script. Lucas will serve as executive producer.

Preproduction on the $30 million-$35 million feature will start in January, with principal photography beginning at the end of March. The production will shoot in Prague, Italy, Croatia and England.