Han Solo back, but for how long?

Betting has begun on the Star Wars cast already

Yesterday was the biggest Star Wars announcement in years, the original Star Wars cast were confirmed to return for next years massively anticipated trilogy sequel. Including the big trio Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. No sooner had the announcement been made when bookies started to take bets on the franchise, the skeptics over at Paddy Power don’t expect Han Solo to last long in the franchise, giving him odds of 5/6 to be killed off. His wife Princess Leia doesn’t fare much better with odds of 11/10 to meet her doom.

The current odds to be killed off in Episode VII
5/6 Han Solo
11/10 Leia
5/2 Luke

The bookies are also taking bets on the title of the next Star Wars movie, with the slightly cheesy ‘A New Dawn’ being the current favourite at 3/1

Star Wars Episode VII Title
3/1 A New Dawn
4/1 Return of the Sith
5/1 Rise of the Sith
6/1 Rise of the Jedi
7/1 Rise of the Empire
9/1 Return of the Empire
10/1 A New Empire
11/1 Revenge of the Empire
12/1 Dawn of the Jedi
14/1 A New Threat
33/1 Shadows of the Sith
40/1 Good vs Evil
50/1 The Clones Strike Back
66/1 Attack of the Ewoks
80/1 Vader’s Vengeance
100/1 Rise of the Wookiees