Hamlet 2 pulled from Irish release schedule

To be or not to be? Sadly, it’s not to be for Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2 has been pulled from the schedule of release in Irish cinemas. The film, which stars Steve Coogan, was the Surprise Film at The Jameson Dublin International Film festival in February this year.


A rough edit of Hamlet 2 was submitted as a late addition to the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. After the screening at Sundance, an all-night bidding war took place for rights to worldwide distribution. The record for biggest sale of a film through the Sundance festival was set in 2006 by Little Miss Sunshine which sold for $10.5 million. Hamlet 2 came close to breaking this record when Focus Features won the distributing rights for $10 million.

The film received mixed reviews on its release in the US last year.


The Irish release date for Hamlet 2 has been postponed several times, and now will not be shown in Irish cinemas at all.