Guillermo del Toro joins Disney

Pan’s Labyrinth helmer to join the House of Mouse

Hellboy helmer Guillermo del Toro is bringing his unqiue creepy vision to the House of Mouse.


Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook has reveaeled that the Oscar-winning filmmaker is joining forces with the Disney to create a new brand, “Disney Double Dare You,” which will produce scary animated fare.

Del Toro will be “the creative force” behind the new label, Cook told fans Friday at the D23 Expo, Disney’s answer to Comic-Con.

The new brand’s first production will be “Trollhunters,” an original del Toro story. Del Toro spoke to D23 guests by video from New Zealand, where he is at work on “The Hobbit.” He said he came up with the idea for a new Disney brand about two years ago and cited the theme park’s old “E-ticket” rides as an inspiration.

“They were beautifully designed, fully immersive experiences,” del Toro said, adding that the new Disney label will “create books, merchandise and films that are fully immersive, scary, thrilling experiences.”