GordonLevitt joins Inception

Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins DiCaprio in Dark Knight helmer’s “Inception”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has signed up to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming thriller  “Inception”.


A veil of secrecy exists over plot, though the project, which Nolan also wrote, is described as a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within “the architecture of the mind.”


Gordon-Levitt is taking the role to have been played by James Franco, who bowed out over scheduling issues. He would play an associate of DiCaprio’s character, a CEO-type.


Marion Cotillard is already on board as DiCaprio’s wife, while Ellen Page is playing a grad student and DiCaprio’s sidekick. Cillian Murphy is also in the cast.


Nolan and the studio are aiming for a summer shoot ahead of a 2010 release.