Golden Compass sequel in doubt

Pullman doubts ‘Golden Compass’ sequel

Philip Pullman, the author of the His Dark Materials series, has said that the sequel to ‘The Golden Compas’s may well be in doubt.

It seems the future of franchise came into question when ‘The Golden Compass’ underperformed in cinemas.

Pullman told reporters that a film based on second book ‘The Subtle Knife’ is unlikely to make it to the screen for its intended 2009 release date.

“I think people were hoping it would be out then but without the film actually having a production start date there can’t be a due date.”

However, Pullman revealed that studio New Line has begun work on a sequel for a later date.

“People are talking about it,” he said. “I think there might be a script. People are very busy. When there’s a development I will hear about it.”