Four More Join Vincenzo Natali

New additions to the supernatural flick.

Stephen McHattie (‘Immortals,’ ‘Watchmen,’ ‘300’), Peter Outerbridge (‘Silent Hill: Revelation,’ ‘Lucky Number Slevin’), Michelle Nolden (‘Red,’ ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’) and David Hewlett (‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes,’ ‘Stargate: Atlantis’) have all joined the cast of Vincenzo Natali’s in production feature ‘Haunter.’

The “reverse ghost story’ stars Abigail Breslin (‘Zombieland,’ ‘Rango,’ ‘Little Miss Sunshine’) as Lisa, “a teenage girl who died under sinister circumstances in 1986 along with her family. Trapped in their house, the family are unable to move on. Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help her present-day, living counterpart, Olivia, avoid the same fate Lisa and her family suffered.”

Natali (‘Splice,’ ‘Cube’) is directing from a screenplay by Brian King (‘Cypher,’ ‘Night Train’).

“’Haunter’ vividly demonstrates that even ghosts have a lot to be afraid of. Brian King’s script constructs a Borgian Labyrinth out of the most mundane settings and shows us how even in our everyday lives, we are spirits living in the material world,” says Natali.