First XMenOrigins Image Revealed

For four bachelors of Killcoulin’s Leap, life is slowly passing them by. The remote Western Irish town holds no future for them, no career opportunities, very few eligible women, and (save for the handful of geriatrics their band plays for on Saturday night) no night-life to speak of. It seems they’re stuck to live out the rest of their lives in withering boredom. But when one of their mates decides to find his fortune, a planned is hatched to hijack a shipment of Viagra and sell it in Amsterdam. The consequences lead to a very different town – a town suddenly ‘swelling’ with life, ‘throbbing’ with possibilities…….and a town willing to keep a secret.















Honestly, we don’t know why we’re excited but we are! There is nothing specific about the picture, other than the fact it is the first official image from ‘X-Men’ series spin-off: ‘X-men Origins: Wolverine’ . Fox has just  released the image and, as you can see, it’s our man Wolverine – claws akimbo. After three movies, the franchise is in need of a shake up.

Rumours already suggest that many other characters from the X-Men universe are set to join Wolverine on screen, including those who never got to appear in the three previous films.

The film will be released in Irish cinemas in 2009.