First Look Tom Hardy as Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Check out the first image of Tom Hardy as the muscle bound Bane.

Following the announcement that filming has commenced on Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Warner Bros. has launched the official site here.

While there is nothing on the site apart from a strange chanting, a smart member of the SuperHeroHype forums used some audio software to show the spectrum of the audio file. Found hidden in the spectrum was the hashtag #thefirerises.

When the hashtag was tweeted, a reply was returned from the twitter account @thefirerises with a link for this site. The site adds your profile image to a collage, making up an image of Bane (much like the first reveal of The Joker for ‘The Dark Knight’).

Not ones to wait around, the guys over at Batman-News set out to unlock the image. And they succeeded, by rooting through the site’s source code. You can still tweet #thefirerises to add your image to help unlock the larger version of the image.

Click for hi-res