First Look Roman Polanskis CARNAGE

Empire has released two images from Roman Polanski’s ‘Carnage,’ starring Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet, and Christopher Waltz.

Originally titled ‘God of Carnage,’ the story follows two sets of parents who meet after their children get into a fight at school. The couples argue and later get involved in each others’ lives. The movie is an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning play by Yasmina Reza.

Empire recently talked to Foster, and the actress revealed that the movie may not be the dark and deadly seriousness that we would normally expect from Polanski, saying “It all happens in real-time, so it’s about an hour and 45 minutes of negotiation between two sets of parents and how it all falls apart,” she said. “Kind of like Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, but a little funnier. There’s a lot of wit.”

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