Fincher To Direct Angelina Jolie In CLEOPATRA

Has Scott Rudin’s ‘Cleopatra’ finally found a director?

The search to find a director for ‘Cleopatra’ continues, with David Fincher being the latest name to be linked to the adaptation of Stacy Schiff’s bestselling book ‘Cleopatra: A Life?’

James Cameron and Paul Greengrass were recently linked to the movie, but both have moved on to other projects. Cameron, who was revealed as a possible director last October, chose to move forward with his sequels to ‘Avatar.’ Greengrass decided to direct ‘Memphis,’ a movie based on his own research, that will center on the last several weeks of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s life.

Now Deadline reports that super producer Scott Rudin sees Fincher as a possible director for the biopic of the Egyptian Queen.

Rudin described the movie as being the first telling of the Cleopatra story from a woman’s perspective. She will not be portrayed as a seductress like the she was by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film. Cleopatra is a shrewd politician, strategist and warrior, with sexual charisma to spare. A role that he producer feels is a perfect fit for Angelina Jolie, who might be the only actress right now with the box office might to get such a large film financed.

As Deadline goes on to say, getting Fincher on as a director will be down to a matter of timing. The director is currently finishing up his American remake of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ on which Rudin serves as producer. He is also expected to return to direct ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire,’ the second book in the trilogy that Steve Zaillian is already scripting. He is also attached to Disney’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo.’