FEAR PARIS Horror Anthology Lands Joe Dante, Xavier Gens and Timo Vuorensola

Teaser trailer released…

The producers behind ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Insidious,’ and ‘The Iceman’ have announced that they are joining forces on ‘Fear Paris,’ an ambitious new film of unique interconnected stories exploring the dark underbelly of the city of lights.

Helmed by directors Joe Dante (‘The Hole,’ ‘Gremlins’), Xavier Gens (‘Hitman’), and Timo Vuorensola (‘Iron Sky’), the genre bending and connected stories will present a Paris unlike anything seen before, in a combination of fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Casting is under way as the film will go into production this Summer/Fall. Two additional directors will join the line up soon.

Laura Rister (Untitled Entertainment) and Ehud Bleiberg (Bleiberg Entertainment), together with Steven Schneider (Vicarious Entertainment) join Darryn Welch (Instinctive Film) to produce the film.

Tony Noble (‘Moon’) is the production designer. Kristyan Mallet (‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ ‘Harry Potter’) is onboard for special effects makeup and prosthetics.

The imaginative world will be created in collaboration with the great visual effects minds at Pixomondo (‘Hugo’) and Prime Focus (‘Gravity,’ ‘Judge Dredd’). Richard Raaphorst (‘Frankenstein’s Army’) is the concept designer.