Entourage the Movie

Mark Wahlberg takes ‘Entourage’ to the big screen…

Actor Mark Wahlberg is planning to bring his cult TV series ‘Entourage’ to the big screen.


Speaking to reporters, he admitted that the success of the ‘Sex And The City’ movie may open the door for ‘Entourage’, a show he executive produces, to move to the big screen:


“We’re doing season five right now. We’re hoping for maybe three [or] four more seasons, and then maybe a film or two,” he said. “Obviously the Sex And The City success has opened up a window of opportunity there.”


Entourage, based on Wahlberg’s early career, focuses on fictional actor Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) as he rises to the Hollywood A-list.


EXTRAs: The star of the show, Adrian Grenier, recently commented that he would like to commit to the series for another 10 years.