Two more board the psychological thriller.

Deadline is reporting that Mireille Enos (‘World War Z,’ ‘Gangster Squad’) and Scott Speedman (‘Underworld,’ ‘Last Resort’) are set to join Ryan Reynolds for Atom Egoyan’s psychological thriller ‘Queen Of The Night.’

Penned by Egoyan and David Fraser, the thriller centres on the father of an abducted child who, eight years after she was taken, discovers a series of disturbing clues convincing him that the now 17 year-old girl remains alive.

Enos will take the role of his wife, who dutifully checks in with police each year on her daughter’s birthday, and realizes that disturbing memorabilia left at her workplace is not merely there to taunt her but could offer clues to her daughter’s whereabouts. Speedman will be playing the cop searching the missing daughter.