DOWNFALL Helmer to Direct Nazi Resistance Drama GEORG ELSER

Hirschbiegel directing biopic of lesser-known Nazi resistance fighter…

Multiple outlets are reporting that German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel (‘Diana,’ ‘ Five Minutes of Heaven,’ ‘Downfall’) is take the helm of ‘Georg Elser,’ the breathtaking story of the resistance fighter who attempted to kill Hitler in 1939.

Featuring a script by Fred Breinersdorfer (‘Dancing for the Devil,’ ‘Sophie Scholl’), the film is billed as an emotional portrait of Johann Georg Elser, a carpenter from Koenigsbronn who plotted an attack on Hitler in November 1939 at the Munich Bürgerbräukeller, shortly after the start of WWII.

Elser’s self-made bomb missed its target only by 13 minutes. 13 Minutes that could have changed the world’s history and maybe saved the lives of millions of people. The failed assassination attempt led to Elser being imprisoned at the Dachau concentration camp where he was killed just a few days before the end of the war, on Hitler’s direct order.

‘The White Ribbon’ star Christian Friedel is portraying Elser, with Katharina Schüttler (‘Generation War’) as his girlfriend Else Härlen, and Burghart Klaußner (‘The White Ribbon’) as Arthur Nebe, head of the Nazi’s criminal police.

Filming is underway with Oliver Schündler, Boris Ausserer (‘Lucky Bird’) and Breinersdorfer producing.