Dirty Harry 6

A star-studded comedy of manners set against the backdrop of contemporary London and the international art scene, “Boogie Woogie” casts an eye over the appetites and morality of some of its major players. Dealers, collectors, artists, wannabees vie with each other in a world in which success and downfall rest on a thin edge.

Ford returning to Indie, Stallone reviving Rambo, should we be surprised that Eastwood is rumoured to be bringing back the now infamous “Do I feel lucky?” character Harry Callahan?


According to AICN, Clintwood’s ‘Gran Torino’ may be the latest entry in the Dirty Harry series. This would be the sixth film of the series, which began in 1971 with ‘Dirty Harry’, and continued on with ‘Magnum Force’ (1973), ‘The Enforcer’ (1976), ‘Sudden Impact’ (1983), and ‘The Dead Pool’ (1988).

Very little information has been released regarding the plot. It is alleged to resolve around the retired Callahan seeking to track down the killer of two young police officers, one of whom his grandson. The title refers to the Ford Torino the murderer drives.


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