Dillon Fraser and Robinson Join FREAKY DEAKY

Trio join William H. Macy for crime adaptation.

Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and Craig Robinson have all closed deals to star in the Charles Matthau-directed adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s crime novel ‘Freaky Deaky.’

The drama sees Dillon playing a bomb squad officer who stumbles upon a plot by two former hippie activists who plan to use their bomb-making skills to trick Woody Ricks (William H. Macy), an alcoholic hard-partying movie mogul into handing over millions of dollars.

Fraser will play one of the former activists, who now works as a Hollywood pyrotechnics artist and demolition expert, while Robinson will play Woody Ricks’ assistant, a former Black Panther who is also looking to cash in.

Matthau is helming the project from his own script, which sees the movie set in 1974 rather than the late 80’s setting of the book.